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Letter from chairman

Dear Parents,
We would like to congratulate you and your children on completing a successful academic year.  As you may have noticed throughout the year, we have raised our academic standards and incorporated many tools to assist your child’s learning process.

At CIS, we constantly thrive to increase our academic level to enable your children to compete with other students across the globe.  In order to maintain this level of advancement, we ask that you encourage your children to work at home during the summer.
world As our policy at CIS is encouraging Literacy and reading readiness, we have been implementing a literacy program throughout the year in the KG department. Children are encouraged to explore books and learn about concepts of print
This is why we are asking for your cooperation in continuing this trend by always keeping books with you for your child to read or peruse throughout the summer vacation. Love of books is a lifetime habit, and we need to work with you as our partners in the development and maintenance of this habit in our little ones.
We greatly recommend that you help your child remember the good habits developed at school over the summer by doing the following:

  • Make sure your child gets involved in preparing his bag for the summer vacation and remembers to take with him his books, colors, coloring paper, tooth brush and paste, and a camera to record his vacation memories.
  • Ask your child to draw pictures of places he has seen over the summer, explaining as much as possible what he did and new things he experienced.
  • Make sure your child stays safe by continuing to avoid over crowded places, and unhygienic habits in order to avoid any possible viral infections especially as we are still taking precautions against the swine flu.
  • Sports are a very important part of each child’s development. Your child is now at the right age to start getting involved in any form of sports he/she prefers, so we also ask you to add that to your summer program, and encourage your child to be a part of the many sports activities offered in clubs and summer camps. We have been maintain a healthy sports program for your child at school, including swimming and motor skills development, so it would be a good opportunity for them to continue with their sports over the summer.
  • In continuation of our Healthy Food Program, we also hope you continue to encourage your children to consume more healthy food items as specified in our correspondence with you during the year, and to limit the availability of junk food and snacks. This way the children will maintain their newly acquired habits and feel that it is something that is implemented at home and school simultaneously.
Just in case you have any questions regarding your child please do not hesitate to contact us.
We appreciate your cooperation in working with us throughout the year towards growing academic success and look forward to seeing you next year all healthy and rested.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Awatef Serag el Din

Chairman City International Schools


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