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Beliefs, Vision, and Mission



In a world of rapidly developing technology and shrinking boundaries, future generations will have to attain higher levels of knowledge and skills without sacrificing ethical values and civic responsibilities.

The vision of the school is to develop future generations of young men and women who have the knowledge and skills to succeed, a thirst for learning, and the courage and integrity to face challenges.



• All students can learn.

• Students are unique in their talents and capabilities.

• Student potential is best realized by a challenging academic program and appropriate support.

• Student intellectual growth is enhanced by the acquisition of knowledge, analytical and language skills, the development of creative and critical thinking, and the cultivation of artistic appreciation and expression.

• Student physical and emotional growth is important in the development and pursuit of potential.

• Students’ lives are enriched in a diverse community where differences among people are recognized and appreciated.

• Students should develop ethical and moral values.

• Students should accept responsibility for the common good and develop a desire to contribute to those in need.




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