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Admission Process

Admission Process


Grade placement
Upon showing interest in enrollment in CIS, new applicants receive a complete portfolio containing all relevant information on tuition fees, registration and criteria upon which admission decisions are made. Parents and prospective students are taken on a walking tour of the school and facilities. The students are then asked to sit for a placement exam to show proficiency in English and Math as well as a student/parent administrative interview.
If the student meets all the admission criteria, he/she is then enrolled into school and presented with the Student Handbook. In the event that a student falls short on the academic placement test but shows potential, he/she is given the option to attend a condensed academic course in the respective subject prior to enrolling in to the school. This decision must be agreed upon by the class teacher, academic coordinator, director and parent.
The initial placement of an entering student is made at the time of enrollment and takes into consideration:

  1. Age of the student.
  2. Previous grade level at the time of transfer.
  3. Previous school records.

However, if the initial placement in a grade level, level instruction , or course is deemed inappropriate by the teacher and administration after a period of time, the school reserves to right to change that level to one that is more suitable to the student’s ability level. Any such change must include notification to parents.

The school reserves this right of reassignment for up to one quarter after a student is admitted.

  1. Grade/Age Equivalents in Beginning of October

Grade Level

Age Range

Egyptian School Equivalent

EC3 (Nursery)

2years, 6months


EC4 (Pre-KG)

3years, 6months


EC5 (Kindergarten)

4years, 6months


Grade 1

5years, 6months

Primary 1

Grade 2

6years, 6months

Primary 2

Grade 3

7years, 6months

Primary 3

Grade 4

8years, 6months

Primary 4

Grade 5

9years, 6months

Primary 5

Grade 6

10years, 6months

Primary 6

Grade 7

11years, 6months

Preparatory 1

Grade 8

12years, 6months

Preparatory 2

Grade 9

13years, 6months

Preparatory 3

Grade 10

14years, 6months

Secondary 1

Grade 11

15years, 6months

Secondary 2

Grade 12

16years, 6months

Secondary 3

Students in the high school are required to complete four (4) years of study at the high school level and successfully complete the requirements for graduation.
Students who transfer from another school after grade 9 will need to have their academic records evaluated to determine credit to be awarded toward graduation and to ensure that graduation requirements are met.

Upon successful completion of the graduation requirements, students will be awarded an American High School Diploma.
Students who do not receive credit for required courses may need to repeat the year or take substitute courses.  Students who are not able to satisfy graduation requirements within four years may need to attend additional course time.

To be admitted to City International Schools an application should be submitted along with previous school records. After an interview with the Principal and payment of registration fees the student will be placed on a class list and have a schedule prepared.


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